Investing for More

My conversations with clients are often about things besides money.  Many clients feel tremendous gratitude for the good fortune and ‘blessings’ in their lives, and many express this gratitude outwardly through giving to others.   Sometimes, this motivation springs from their faith in God, and sometimes it is simply from their empathy for others. 

No matter the underlying reason, I am inspired by their commitment to people in need, or to the non-profit organizations and churches that address those needs.  Over time, I have come to think of such commitments to others as an important type of investing.  A type that I call, Investing for More.

Ordinary people who commit their time, energy, and action for others are Investing for More than money, gain, or advancement.   In this blog, I introduce you to everyday folks who are quietly committing their time, their thought leadership, and frequently, their money, to produce measurable human returns like improved food security, dental care for poor children, as well as more unmeasurable returns like the joy one feels hearing a Bach violin concerto.   Perhaps as you read this, and future blogs, you too will feel inspired to Invest for More.

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