by Craig D. Price, Certified Financial Planner® and Will Thompson, Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Financial Advisor®, Stuart, Florida

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America is blessed. We do not face a military threat from our immediate neighbors. We have vast amounts of low-cost energy. We have the most productive farmland in the world. We have a highly entrepreneurial culture that has invented virtually every modern comfort we now enjoy, from the cellphone, to TV, to the internet. We have the best university system in the world – led by Notre Dame of course! We benefit from the rule of law and respect intellectual property rights. We have efficient transportation thanks to our interstate highways, railroads, many deep water ports, and more navigable inland waterways than any other country in the world. We have the best medical care in the world – it is expensive, but it is the best.

The great thing about all these benefits is that the advantages are inevitable and none are dependent on the President. Political policies can change the rate of growth, but they can’t stop the inevitable.

Think back over your life. Have you liked every President? Has every President been good for our country and the economy? And yet, here we are, the envy of the world.

We will elect a new President this year. No matter who is elected, there will be changes. All changes create investment threats and opportunities. By maintaining a long-term perspective, you can capitalize when others overly focus on the Capitol. The below table (the candidates are listed in alphabetical order) lists some potential investment opportunities and threats for both candidates.


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